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AFCEN nuclear codes for Civil Works (ETC-C and RCC-CW) : Construction

Génie civil pour le nucléaire


The ETC-C and RCC-CW are the codes used to design and build the civil structures of nuclear power plants. The ETC-C (EPR Technical Code for Civil Works) is specific to EPR nuclear power plant whereas the RCC-CW (Rules for design and construction of PWR nuclear civil works) can be applied to others projects. Both these codes were published by AFCEN (French Association for design, construction and surveillance rules of nuclear power plant components), respectively in 2012 and 2015.

This training session explains the requirements of the part 2: Construction of the ETC-C and RCC-CW codes.

The course is delivered in English.


To present part 2 and part 3 of the ETC-C : Earthworks and soil treatments, concrete, passive reinforcement and post tensioning systems, liners for containments and fuel ponds, sleeves and anchor plates, structural steelwork, topography, tolerances, containment leaktightness and resistance tests.


The purpose of this 2 day training session is to outline the requirements of the ETC-C 2012 and RCC-CW 2015 codes. Dedicated to the Construction (Part 2) of the code, it covers all the aspects of the construction for Civil engineering structures of nuclear power plants (geotechnics, seismic analysis, concrete, prestressing, liner, anchorages, steel works…). Part 3 of the codes dedicated to leak tightness tests and resistance tests on containment is also presented.

PRÉ-INSCRIPTION : AFCEN nuclear codes for Civil Works (ETC-C and RCC-CW) : Construction

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